Parking & Shuttles



Hole Half-Marathon participants are encouraged to park in the Ranch Lot at Teton Village (look for the blue “P” on the map, which is about a 7-10 minute walk from the Finish Line area – at least with pre-race legs) and board a complimentary shuttle bus to the appropriate race starting line. Printable directions to the Pre-race Shuttle Parking can be found by Clicking Here.  Pre-race shuttle pick-up on race morning will be in front of the Restroom building at the entrance to the Ranch Lot.  Please know the location of your race starting line.


-MARATHON: Marathon participants staying in the town of Jackson can walk to the starting line or park in the Home Ranch Lot (located 2 blocks off the Town Square at the corner of N. Cache and Gill, or in the Deloney Lot, on the corner of Deloney and Willow, located one block off the Town Square, in downtown Jackson Hole). Heated restrooms are located in each of these parking lots. Printable directions can be downloaded by Clicking Here.

-HALF MARATHON: There is no parking at the start of the Hole Half Marathon (however, half-marathon participants may be dropped off on race morning as long as that vehicle departs immediately). Vehicles parked in or around the Journeys School after the start of the race will be ticketed and towed. Directions to the Half Marathon start line at the Journeys School can be found by Clicking Here. Printable directions can be downloaded by Clicking Here.  Participants may be dropped off at the Half Marathon Starting line as all roads are open until 10 minutes before the start.


RETURN SHUTTLES: A free shuttle will return full marathon participants to the Town of Jackson from 9:45am – 2:15pm on race day. (These shuttles DO NOT stop at the Half Marathon Starting line.)  Anyone wishing to utilize this service can pick-up a free Start Bus Shuttle Pass after the race in the food/beer tent. The Start Bus pick up is located on the median in front of the Clock Tower/Tram Dock at Teton Village. Shuttles will depart for downtown Jackson, following the normal bus route, at the following times*: 9:45am, 10:45am, 12:15pm, 1:15pm and 2:15pm. CLICK HERE for a link to the Shuttle Schedule – be sure to look at the Teton Village to Jackson route, keeping in mind that drop offs are scattered throughout town, with Stop #20 located 3 blocks from the morning parking locations.  Do not forget to pick up the shuttle ticket at the Awards Tent next to finish line!  (* Shuttle times are subject to change depending on the official START BUS Summer schedule.)



Shuttles to the Hole Half Marathon starting line will be available on race morning and will depart from the Ranch Lot at Teton Village (look for the blue “P” on the bottom right side of the page) at the times listed below.  It is suggested you know the location of the Ranch Lot at Teton Village ahead of time to avoid any unneeded stress on race morning.  Please be sure to confirm the bus departure times at race check-in as they could change should the weather be extremely cold and/or wet.

HALF MARATHON: 5:45am / 6:00am/ 6:25am

POST RACE SHUTTLES (FOR FULL MARATHON PARTICIPANTS): A free shuttle, utilizing the START Bus weekend schedule, will return participants to downtown Jackson Hole from 9:45am – 2:15pm* on race day. Please visit the Award Tent at the Finish Line for a return shuttle ticket.(* Return shuttle times are subject to change depending on the summer START BUS schedule.)  These shuttle will not stop at the Half Marathon Starting line.  The following link provides a map of the drop off location in the Town of Jackson, with stop #20 being the closest to the downtown parking lots (a two block walk, north on Cache St.) START BUS SCHEDULE