Parking & Shuttles



Hole Half-Marathon participants are encouraged to park in the Ranch Lot at Teton Village (look for the blue “P” on the map, which is about a 7-10 minute walk from the Finish Line area – at least with pre-race legs) and board a complimentary shuttle bus to the appropriate race starting line. Printable directions to the Pre-race Shuttle (Half Marathon only) parking area can be found by Clicking Here. Pre-race shuttle pick-up on race morning will be in front of the Restroom building at the entrance to the Ranch Lot.  Please know the location of your race starting line.


-MARATHON: Marathon participants staying in the Town of Jackson can walk to the starting line or park in the Home Ranch Lot (located 2 blocks off the Town Square at the corner of N. Cache and Gill, or in the Deloney Lot, on the corner of Deloney and Willow, located one block off the Town Square, in downtown Jackson Hole) or in the Public Parking Garage (3 blocks from Town Square), on the corner of Simpson and Millward and across from the Springhill Suites (this is a good option if utilizing the post-race Start Bus back to Town). Heated restrooms are located in each of these parking lots.  Printable directions can be downloaded by Clicking Here. Please visit the Town Of Jackson Parking Page by Clicking Here. (Alternatively, it’s possible to park on certain streets around Town as many do not have limits in the summer months. Be sure to follow any posted signs as some locations, specially those near Town Square and the Post Office, have time restrictions.)

-HALF MARATHON: There is no parking at the start of the Hole Half Marathon (however, half-marathon participants may be dropped off on race morning as long as that vehicle departs immediately). Vehicles parked in or around the Journeys School after the start of the race will be ticketed and towed. Directions to the Half Marathon start line at the Journeys School can be found by Clicking Here. Printable directions can be downloaded by Clicking Here.  Participants may be dropped off at the Half Marathon Starting line as all roads are open until 10 minutes before the start.

RETURN SHUTTLES: A shuttle will return full marathon participants to the Town of Jackson, using the regularly scheduled START Bus service, from 9:35am – 3:50pm on race day. (These shuttles DO NOT stop at the Half Marathon Starting line.)  Anyone wishing to utilize this service can pick-up a free Start Bus Ticket after the race in the Awards/Merchandise. The Start Bus pick up is located on the island in front of the Clock Tower/Tram Dock at Teton Village. Shuttles will depart for downtown Jackson, following the normal bus route, at the following times*: 9:35am, 10:35am, 11:35am; 12:50pm, 1:50pm; 2:50pm and 3:50pm. CLICK HERE for a link to the Shuttle Schedule – be sure to look at the Teton Village to Jackson route, keeping in mind that drop offs are scattered throughout town, with Stop #20 located 3 blocks from the morning parking locations. Do not forget to pick up the shuttle ticket at the Awards Tent next to finish line!



Shuttles to the Hole Half Marathon starting line will be available on race morning and will depart from the Ranch Lot at Teton Village (look for the blue “P” on the bottom right side of the page) at the times listed below.  It is suggested you know the location of the Ranch Lot at Teton Village ahead of time to avoid any unneeded stress on race morning. Space is first-come, first-served…if you wait to board the last bus, you may be standing. (Please be sure to confirm the bus departure times at race check-in as they could change should the weather be extremely cold and/or wet.) The Jackson Hole Marathon Events is not responsible for items/valuables left on the buses; please be responsible and collect your belongings before leaving your bus!


START BUS TO THE TOWN OF JACKSON ON RACE MORNING (FULL MARATHON STARTING LINE): There is a regularly schedule START Bus departure from Teton Village to the Town to Jackson at 5:55am on race morning. This will arrive into Town, about 3 blocks from the starting line, around 6:24am. However, seats/space on this bus are not guaranteed as it is part of the normal daily route for our public transportation system. The cost is $3 (exact change is best!) Please see the START BUS SCHEDULE for details on the Teton Village to Town route.

POST RACE SHUTTLES (FOR FULL MARATHON PARTICIPANTS ONLY): A free shuttle, utilizing the START Bus weekend schedule, will return participants to downtown Jackson Hole from 9:35am – 3:50pm* on race day. Please visit the Awards/Merchandise Tent at the Finish Line for a return shuttle ticket.(*Return shuttle times are subject to change depending on the summer START BUS schedule.)  These shuttle will not stop at the Half Marathon Starting line. The following link provides a map of the drop off location in the Town of Jackson, with stop #20 being the closest to the downtown parking lots (a two block walk, north on Cache St.) Click here for START BUS SCHEDULE



All roads in and around Jackson will be open to traffic on race day.

FULL MARATHON START PARKING: On race morning, spectators can park near the Starting Line of the Full Marathon to watch their runner(s) depart. (The Farmer’s Market will be setting up on the Town Square and there are several coffee shops within walking distance of the Full Marathon Starting Line.

HALF MARATHON START PARKING: While drop-offs are permitted at the Half Marathon starting line, parking is not allowed in the area or on Coyote Canyon Road, or on Hwy 22. Please do not block traffic, especially on Hwy 22. Please head to one of the Viewpoint locations noted below.

ON-COURSE VIEW POINTS: Please drive safely, do not block traffic or stop on public roadways and be aware of runners crossing roadways and pathway intersections.

FULL MARATHON ONLY VIEWPOINTS: Some good locations to catch a glimpse of the Full Marathon runners on the early parts of the course are at mile 4.8 at Smith’s Supermarket on Hwy 89 and High School Road (by Laundromat near the fuel pumps); at mile 7.7 in the Jackson Hole Marketplace/The Bird parking lot on Hwy 89; at mile 7.9 in the parking area near the intersection of South Park Loop Road and Sage Meadow Road (Relay Exchange point #1); and at mile 12.6 near the intersection of High School Road and South Park Loop Road.

FULL & HALF VIEWPOINTS: Good viewing points for both Half and Full Marathon runners are at: miles 16.5 (3.4 for the Half) by the pedestrian bridge mile at Emily Stevens Park off of Hwy 22; at mile 17.1 (mile 4 for the Half) in the Teton Village Commuter Parking Lot near the intersection of Hwy 22 and Hwy 390; at mile 21.3 (8.2 for the Half) at Elevated Grounds Coffee Shop in the Westbank Center off of Hwy 390; at mile 21.7 (8.6 for the Half) in front of The Aspens Market on Hwy 390; at the Finish Line in the Village Commons at Teton Village.

FINISH LINE: Spectator parking at the Finish Line is available in the lots around Teton Village. All roads in and around the Town of Jackson, the Town of Wilson and to the finish line will be open to vehicle traffic on race day. Parking on roadways around the Finish Line is not permitted – vehicles parked illegally will be ticketed and towed