Course Description:

The Jackson Hole Marathon course starts near Jackson Town Square’s famous elk antler arches. The first four miles take you past the beautiful views of the National Elk Refuge (look left!), through the neighborhoods of east Jackson, and along the base of Snow King (look left again!) before you separate from the road and hop on the pedestrians-only pathway network and head out of town limits. 

For the next nine miles, you’ll be heading around South Park Loop, and enjoying majestic views of the Jackson Hole Valley, the Tetons, and probably at least a couple of horses.

At about mile 14, you’ll be heading west and rolling up a short, somewhat steep (depending on who you ask) hill before joining the Half Marathon runners along Highway 22. As you near mile 17, you’re in for a treat as you cross the Snake River (look right!) and enjoy some of the best views of the day (read: selfie time!).

Between miles 18 and 20, you’ll be looping through the quaint-quirky town of Wilson and then you’re heading north toward the Grand Teton and the Finish Line. Next stop: Teton Village. 

The 99.6% of the course is run on paved roads and/or paved pathways, but the last .1 mi into the Finish Line is on grass. Please, no whining.


Powerade (flavors TBA) and water: Miles 2.6; 4.9; 6.9; 8; 10.6; 12.6; 15; 17.1; 19.6; 21.6; 23.2; 24.9.

Water only, un-staffed: Mile 18.5.

Energy gels: Miles 12.6 and 19.6. Should extra gel packets be available, they will be distributed at other locations on the course. Snacks and/or candy will be available at many of the later aid stations.

IMPORTANT:  The marathon course is USATF certified (WY17001TK) and is a Boston Marathon qualifier. While the course is run at altitude (~6,300 ft), the elevation gain over the 26.2 miles is rather minimal (+522 ft), with the elevation loss of roughly -511 ft. As noted above, the entire marathon course is run over paved roadways and pathways, apart from less than a tenth of a mile at the finish which is on grass (and slightly uphill).

All courses will close at 1:30pm (which allows for a 6.5 hour marathon); please see the Rules & Regulations for cut-off times at points on the course, which are strictly enforced!

Marathon Course Map