Marathon Relay

The Jackson Hole Marathon Relay returned to race weekend in 2016. Registration for the 2018 Tyler Strandberg & Catherine Nix Memorial Relay opens in mid-November!


The Jackson Hole Marathon Relay will be a Memorial Run to honor the memory of Catherine Nix and Tyler Strandberg. In August of 2015, the Jackson Hole Marathon tragically lost two friends of the race. Catherine Nix and Tyler Strandberg were proud alumni of the Jackson Hole Marathon.  Both determined athletes, their top placement in the local event fueled a mutual desire to further pursue the sport of running.  Often inseparable on the trails, the pair inspired each other, friends and family with their vivacious tenacity as they trained for and competed in a range of events. The Tyler Strandberg and Catherine Nix Memorial Relay Race will honor their talent and encourage runners to participate in the race.  We hope that members of the Jackson Hole community will be present to celebrate the lives of these two remarkable women and their spirits will be ever present to guide the runners through the challenges on the course.  Here is a link to a news report on the accident: NEWS

Relay Teams can be comprised of 2, 3 or 4 runners, however, awards for the Relay Divisions will only be provided to the overall winners of the Male Team, Female Team and Coed Team categories (and will not be based on the number of participants on each team). Each Relay finisher will receive a finisher’s medal and race t-shirt.

The Marathon Relay participants share the same course, start time (7:00am) and finish line as the Full Marathon, with Relay Exchange points set up along the course at the following distances:

Exchange #1: Located at Mile 8 (On the Bike Path just off of commuter parking lot on South Park Loop Rd. and Sage Meadow Road)

Exchange #2: Located at Mile 12.6 (On the Bike Path at intersection of South Park Loop Road and High School Road, across from the JH Classical Academy)

Exchange #3: Located at Mile 19.6 (On the Bike Path in the Stilson Ranch parking lot, on the west side of Hwy 390, just north of the traffic light on Highway 22) **IMPORTANT NOTE: the exchange will take place when the on-course runner is returning on the pathway, after passing the Wilson School (and not immediately after that runner passed under Hwy 390 through the tunnel).

Please visit the SCHEDULE OF EVENTS page for details on picking up race bibs and shirts.  We do not require the entire Team to be present in order to pick up the race bib.  While each participant will receive a bib number, please know that only one bib have a live chip.  That bib will be affixed to a race belt (unless the Team has another option for passing the bib) and the “chipped” bib must be handed off to the next runner at each Relay Exchange. If a Team member is on course without the “chipped” bib, a time will not be registered at the Exchange points and no time will be provided.  Also, the race belt, if utilized, must be returned to a timing official at the Finish Line in order to receive a finishing time.

Directions to the Relay Exchange Points can be found by CLICKING HERE. Please note, all roads and pathways are open to the general public during the event and that local law enforcement will be on patrol on race day.  Be sure to follow all posted speed limits and follow the rules of the road at all times.  Also, be aware of runners on the roadways and in cross walks, especially when exiting the Relay Parking areas!

PowerAde (Mountain Berry, Fruit Punch & Lemon-Lime flavors) and Water will be located at the following aid stations on the Marathon Relay course: 2.6; 4.9; 6.9; 8; 10.6; 12.6; 15; 17.1; 19.6; 21.6; 23.2; 24.9. Additionally, there will be an un-staffed, water-only table at mile 18.5. Energy gels will be available at the following aid stations on the Marathon/Relay course, at miles 12.6 and 19.6. If extra gel packets are available, they will be distributed at other locations on the course.

***All courses will close at 1:30pm (which allows for a 6.5 hour team relay).

REGISTER HERE (available in mid-November)