Hole Half Marathon

The Hole Half Marathon starts in the lower (gravel) parking lot on Coyote Canyon Rd., which is the main roadway to the Journeys School of the Teton Science School, located just off of Hwy 22 (between the Town of Jackson and Wilson, WY).  

Getting to the start: As in past years, parking will not be allowed at the Half Marathon starting line; shuttle buses will pick up participants on race morning (at the Ranch Lot in Teton Village, which is a short walk from the Finish Line) and drop at the Journeys School.  Drop offs will still be allowed near the start, but participants are advised to arrive early as the road to the starting line will be closed to traffic. It will be a half mile walk to the starting line area. Check the PARKING & SHUTTLES page for details.

Course Description:

The first mile of the Hole Half Marathon is a wild one, with a steep descent followed by a slight uphill and then joining the Full Marathon course at roughly 1.2 miles. Between miles 3 and 4, get ready for your Teton Selfie Moment as you cross the Snake River and look right to the majestic Teton Range. The next 3ish miles will take you out and back to the quaint-quirky town of Wilson and then you’re on a straight northerly shot to Teton Village. Stay the course and enjoy the views. 

The 99.6% of the course is run on paved roads and/or paved pathways, but the last .1 mi into the Finish Line is on grass. Please, no whining.

A (few) words to the wise:

The start ares in Coyote Canyon is lovely but it’s not known for being balmy, especially in the morning. Please dress in layers in order to stay warm. A reusable bag will be provided to all competitors at packet pick-up. This bag can be used to send extra clothing to the finish line, where it can retrieved after the race. (Please note, the event is not responsible for items/valuables left in the bags.)


Powerade and water: Miles 1.9, 4, 6.5, 8.5, 10.1, 11.8 

Water only, un-staffed: Mile 5.3.

Energy gels: Mile 6.6


All courses will close at 1:30pm (allowing participants to complete their race in 6.5 hours); please see the Rules & Regulations for cut-off times at points on the course. 

Hole Half Marathon Course Map